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DavisLogic and All Hands provide emergency management planning, homeland security, and business continuity services to business and government.


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DavisLogic operates the following All Hands Network sites:

All-Hands Dot Net -  an emergency management virtual community  and
All Hands Consulting and Training Services  our consulting services site.






Consulting Services

Emergency Management and Business Continuity Consultants

DavisLogic, operating as All Hands Consulting provides homeland security consulting, business continuity planning and comprehensive emergency management program support. Our consultants provide planning, training, and support services to businesses and governments worldwide.

All Hands Consulting is a consortium of small and medium-sized firms working together to provide a unique outsourcing resource. All Hands combines the talents of some of the leading emergency, crisis, and business continuity management consultants in the world.  Our members have an average of over 20 years of experience, including the development of industry standard emergency, crisis, and business continuity management programs.  We utilize our extensive network of seasoned consultants to provide highly reputable personnel with proven skills that match the requirements of each assignment. We work cooperatively with our clients and each other to ensure the best in service delivery. All Hands has created a seamless structure, providing a balanced team of personnel who can address a broad spectrum of client needs.

Recent All Hands projects include:

  • Homeland Security Consulting

  • Urban Area Homeland Security Assessment

  • Urban Area Homeland Security Strategy Development

  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Development

  • Continuity of Government (COG) Program Development

  • Incident Command System (ICS) Training

  • Threat Assessments and Security Consulting

  • Hazard Vulnerability Assessments (HVA) 

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

  • Capability Assessment for Readiness (CAR)

  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning (CEMP)

  • Emergency Operations Center Review (EOC Review) 

  • Contingency Planning

  • Damage Assessment Plan and Implementation Procedures

  • Emergency Exercises (Functional and Table Top)

  • Command Center Software Design and Implementation

  • Database Design

  • Web Site Development

See All Hands Emergency Management Consulting and Training Services for a complete listing of service offerings. 


All Hands combines the talents of over 400 consultants.  Our principal consultants and co-founders are Steven Davis and Patrick “Rick” LaValla; both of these gentlemen are leaders in their fields. All Hands includes a growing number of senior consultants and associates.

All Hands Working Together

Through our consulting consortium, and in partnerships with other firms, DavisLogic and All Hands are in a position to provide a complete array of services for almost any engagement.  We are available for consulting and support in the following areas:

Emergency Management
Emergency Planning 
Homeland Security Consulting
Business Continuity Consulting
Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government
Disaster Recovery
Readiness Assessment
Emergency Response
Mitigation Planning
Threat Assessments
Search and Rescue
Command Center Operations
Risk Assessment
Crisis Management
Anti-Terrorism Training
Policy and Procedure Development
Training, Exercises, and Drills


DavisLogic and All Hands clients include federal, state and local governments, Fortune 50, Forbes 50, and other large companies as well as smaller organizations and medium sized enterprises representing a diverse array of industries.

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For further information contact DavisLogic.

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DavisLogic, operating as All Hands Consulting, provides homeland security consulting, business continuity planning and comprehensive emergency management program support.

For more information please contact us.

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